Tips and Guidelines

These are a series of tips and guidelines to maintain consistency and quality of submitted material. The key to the success of the project is the ability to walk a fine line between unleashing decentralized creativity while having some element of centralization to maintain quality and consistency in the storyline.

Production Guidelines

1) Remember to keep the camera POV consistent – it is a hidden camera on someone else accompanying. But don’t make the camera guy too much part of the story unless you have to or there’s an innovative way to make the story work. Conflict between two people is much better than between one person and a camera.

2) Single-take scenes: the best way to get you video done, up, and out is to have the entire scene done in one take. This reduces the requirements for editing, but also creates an urgency of real-time-ness. Finding innovation within this constraint can yield some interesting results – we’re focused on trying to keep the content fresh and up to date quickly.

3) Actors real and urgent: use actors who know how to keep it real and keep it urgent: that means they need to have an urgent pace in their voice while keeping it believable and real. Interesting faces can help a lot.

Story Development

1) Short Sweet, and to the Beat: Check out the Beat Sheet information, but write a short, sweet, scene (1-5 pages). Start the scene late, get out early.

2) Threads forward and backwards: Tie it backwards from some other thread, and then leave a thread for someone else to pick up, as well as a thread for yours to continue.

3) Introduce threats, information, challenges: A scene for cells need to have a required challenge (recruit someone, get information, stop an activity); there needs to be some implied or real threat; and the introduction of new information.
4) Only Shibboleth Cell hears from Shibboleth


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