Scene 0.01

March 8, 2006

This is the draft of Scene 0.01


Warren must convince Tracy to take him to her drop-off and begins to explain to her AK8.

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Tracy, late 20’s, attractive, not happy to run into former beau Warren and skeptical of any intimations of a global conspiracy. She’ll be a recurring character.

Roger, mid-30’s, part hitman, part frat-boy, Tracy’s new boyfriend who makes a brief appearance at the end. Warren suspects he made be part of AK8.

submit headshots with resume (most have current or extensive film/tv training). cellbreakers [ A T ] gmail [ D O T ] com


Watch “24” — should bring a near-documentary realism, know how to pick strong choices to get objective, high-stakes, but understated delivery.  Haven’t watched “24” or this approach to acting not familiar — this might be a tought match.


Cell Breakers — the Story

February 25, 2006

Warren Tse uncovered a document which suggests that factions in the global intelligence community have entered into an unholy alliance with AK8, a cell-based terrorist organization. Although his instructions were vague, they’ve been very specific: to create cells that can uncover what the conspiracy is and to stop it.

Unable to go to the government and law enforcement agencies because he’s been warned that AK8 has representatives in those organizations, Warren must rely on recreating a cell-based organization that can counter AK8 and its burgeoning group of cells.

From time to time, he gets pieces of information from a man who goes under the code-name Shibboleth. Warren distributes those to the Cell Breakers he has begun recruiting in hopes that someone can figure out what needs to happen to stop AK8.

After his first effort to recruit a member to start a Cell Breaker, he learned a valueable lesson: no one should operate as a Cell Breaker alone; and all movements need to be video-tapes and recorded in real-time and streamed to a central Cell Breaker server. HIs first Cell Breaker recruit disappeared, and any information he might’ve collected has been lost forever. Now, to be a Cell Breaker, they must stay in groups of two or three.

But that’s the least of his worries.