To Do List for Shoot — Scene 1

February 26, 2006

Camera/DP —

Shotgun Microphone —

Actors — Gilbert and Adam (off-screen)

Approve Script —

Shoot —

Upload —


Warren meets Gilbert

February 26, 2006

Characters: Warren and Gilbert

Opposition: Warren needs Gilbert’s help; Gilbert has no idea who Warren is;

Warren wants Adam (Camerman) to stay with him; Adam wants to get out.

Inciting action: Gilbert pulls a gun on Warren and Adam

Exit threads: a new cell needs to be set up in NYC

Cell Breakers — Open Source Entertainment

February 25, 2006

This is my effort to tap into a concept I’ve been kicking around for a long while which is Open Source Entertainment — creating meaningful visual entertainment in a collaborative fashion.

The challenges are to leverage people’s creativity, while also have a core, central theme and story, as well as quality.  And so this is going to be a very dynamic process and I hope people will be open to the chaordic nature, meaning at times the need to leverage order in order to optimize the impact of the chaos.

More of this will become apparent as this moves forward, but basically the idea is to create a serialized video program that uses your talents and interests, while working with a central person — me for now — to keep some coherence.  It’s closest analogy is like a DM in Dungeons and Dragons, or like a project manager for an Open Source project.  I’d love to hear other people’s takes on this.

Anyway, the idea is for people to create their own mini video segments that extend and elaborate along this central story of the Cell Breakers.  I created the premise in a way that you don’t need a big production crew: in fact, my own example will look pretty much like a home movie.  But the story idea support it: renegage cells need to have a real-time (although you will definitely edit it and post asynchronously) video feed of all their activities.  There you go.

I’m going to start working on the first one and probably make it a little more transparent that future scene or episodes need to be just so that I can keep track of what I am doing and that it will help solidify a process.