Scene 0.01

This is the draft of Scene 0.01


Warren must convince Tracy to take him to her drop-off and begins to explain to her AK8.

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Tracy, late 20’s, attractive, not happy to run into former beau Warren and skeptical of any intimations of a global conspiracy. She’ll be a recurring character.

Roger, mid-30’s, part hitman, part frat-boy, Tracy’s new boyfriend who makes a brief appearance at the end. Warren suspects he made be part of AK8.

submit headshots with resume (most have current or extensive film/tv training). cellbreakers [ A T ] gmail [ D O T ] com


Watch “24” — should bring a near-documentary realism, know how to pick strong choices to get objective, high-stakes, but understated delivery.  Haven’t watched “24” or this approach to acting not familiar — this might be a tought match.


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